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Reduced price! Brancher CGL szoprán Bb szaxofon

Brancher CGL szoprán Bb szaxofon


Soprano Saxophone Curved - Bb - Gold

1 258 200 Ft‎


1 398 000 Ft‎

Soprano Saxophone Curved - Bb - Gold

With its experience since 1987 in acoustic and machining technologies applied to saxophone nozzles, BRANCHER®-France presents a new line of saxophones "without concession" exclusively professional.

Each saxophone has all the innovations studied to the last detail:

  • All brass instruments of the highest quality and thickness.
  • Tube and flag in the form of welding in the great tradition of the manual.
  • Keys adapted for a perfect ergonomics and greater speed.
  • 2 new tudeles delivered per instrument with improved acoustic efficiency and precisely machined ring settings (registered model). Each tudel allows a different musical orientation in the high harmonics, the roundness and the power of the sound and the ease of the legato.
  • Buffers of the best existing quality (Chanu - France) to offer a perfect limit.
  • The pads are equipped with all the new "resonators" (patented), machined brass one piece, screwed (reusable mode), maximum diameter in the shape of cymbal "MaxCym ™" to increase resonance by 25% (closed keys ) and projection and sound power (open keys).

The saxophones are adorned with a beautiful and original handmade engraving, "French Polynesian ©" by Phil Beaudet.

Comes with:

  • Hard case
  • 2 tudels
  • Metal or ebonite Mouthpiece and ligature
  • Belt or harness
  • 2 reeds boxes Reeds Jazz & Classic-Opéra
Types Soprano

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Brancher CGL szoprán Bb szaxofon

Brancher CGL szoprán Bb szaxofon

Soprano Saxophone Curved - Bb - Gold

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