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Shipping charges and other information

The delivery times shown on the product page are for information purposes only. It depends on the GLS load of our shipping partner and the availability of the product. In our web store we strive to place products that can be delivered within a maximum of 1 week.

In our web shop, we aim to deliver orders placed before 1pm to you within 24-72 hours. Other times of delivery will be notified by email and phone.

Above 500 000 HUF, advance payment is required, in every case! When the amount is received, we will place the order.

  • Over 30 000 Ft - up to 20 kg - Free
  • Under 30 000 Ft and up to 20 kg - 2 490 Ft

The given shipping charges apply to the territory of Hungary. In case of a foreign delivery address please inquire about the current shipping rates!

Amount of Cash On Delivery:

  • The cost of handling cash on delivery is + 980 HUF

  • .

Bank Transfer:

  • Takarékbank
  • Bank account number:


  • There are no additional costs for bank transfer and credit card payment!
  • Please enter your invoice number or order ID in the Notice when you take bank transfer. (For invoices, this usually starts with the year, eg: 2020/00 ....)
  • .

Credit card payment:

  • There are no additional costs to paying by credit card and your personal information is kept safe.
  • Credit card payments can be made directly at the webshop by placing an order immediately, at certain parcel points, or by delivery courier.
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GLS door to door parcel delivery

Parcel Tracking - GLS:


FlexDeliveryService  – door to door only

  • continuous email and / or SMS notification
  • information on the estimated time of delivery by courier phone number
  • the recipient can change the date and place of delivery online
  • evening delivery (17-20hrs) in GLS depot cities
  • package can be redirected to more than 500 GLS Package Points

When should I request shipping to a GLS Package Point?

  • If you want to pick up your order the next day,
  • If you're rarely at home during the day and can't wait for the courier,
  • If you want to get things done according to your schedule,
  • If you would like to take advantage of the long opening hours of each store,
  • If you are often on the go and therefore simply take your pick up.


GLS Package Points are located within easy reach of shops with different profiles, 200 locations and over 500 locations. With GLS ParcelShop Finder you can easily select the closest pick-up location for you. You can use directly the integrated version in the ordering page when you validate the purchase.

How the package is received at the GLS Package Point?

  • On the business day following the shipment of the goods, GLS will send you an SMS or E-mail notification to collect the goods at the GLS Parcel Point.
  • The notice shall include the package number to which you must refer at the time of receipt.
  • Within 5 business days of being notified, you can pick up the package at any time, subject to business hours.
  • Out of up to 4 recipients specified in the order, anyone can take over the ordered goods after presenting the ID card.


When can I receive the ordered goods as soon as possible at the GLS Package Point?

After confirming your online purchase, when the webshop gives up the package, which GLS delivers to the designated GLS Package Point the next business day. The webshop and GLS will notify the customer of the sending of the package with detailed information. So you can pick it up at any time during the opening hours of your selected business.


Receipt of cash on delivery

All GLS Package Points allow you to cash out the cash on delivery or accept credit cards at some stores.


 GLS PacelPoints

Take advantage of personal adoption and adjust to your daily rhythm!

There are over 500 GLS Package Points in 200 locations in Hungary!


GLS will ship the goods to the selected GLS Parcel Point within 1 business day of dispatch and will notify the Consignee that your parcel has arrived. The shipment may be picked up at any time within 5 working days of notification, taking into account the opening hours of the parcel collection points. Up to 4 receivers can be specified for online orders. From the third business day, GLS will send a further notification if the goods are still in the GLS Parcel Point.


Looking for an important package? Request shipping to your nearest GLS Parcel Point! Flexible receipt
opportunity, nationwide coverage.
With GLS ParcelShop Finder you can easily select the closest pick-up location for you.

You can track your shipment on our package tracking page.

Shipping and returns

Delivery of your package

GLS will ship domestically on business days following shipment, Monday to Friday, 8 am-5 pm.
On the basis of the package number, the customer service will issue the courier's telephone number, so you can pick up the package at a pre-arranged time. GLS offers a high level of parcel delivery. One of the largest courier services in the European market with reliable lead time and package management, user-friendly, modern IT support and flexible, customized solutions.

Normal parcel delivery
Ideally, the package will be delivered to you personally. By signing, you acknowledge receipt of the package and receive the package. Or one of your family members receives the shipment on your behalf.
Second delivery attempt
If nobody's home. If you enter a phone number, the courier will call you by phone.
If there is no neighbor to pick up, GLS will take the parcel back to the depot (or headquarters) and try to deliver it a second or third time on the next business day (s).

Notice form
If the courier is unable to deliver the parcel to the address specified, it will leave a notice of delivery attempt. The notice shall include the name of the parcel picking neighbor or, in the absence thereof, the telephone number of the GLS customer service.