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Küng SPECIALS 5991 E3 F Alt furulya


684 900 Ft‎

SPECIALS recorder - E3 alto in f' with e’ foot extension

The exceptional E3 alto recorder came into being as the result of a search for a unique alto recorder.

The wide bore, the metal labium, the octave key for the high registers and the key system with e’ foot extension provide for a full and powerful sound.
To allow for ensemble playing with modern instruments, the E3 has a strong lower register and a chromatic range of over 2½ octaves.

Discover the potential of the E3 alto recorder.

    Powerful sound, suitable for modern orchestral instruments
    Chromatic intonation in A = 442Hz
    Octave key for high registers
    Key system for e', f', and f#'

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Küng SPECIALS 5991 E3 F Alt furulya

Küng SPECIALS 5991 E3 F Alt furulya

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