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XO 1700RS piccolo trombita

XO 1700RS

993 800 Ft‎

This XO piccolo is a dream come true for demanding trumpet players: it provides an extended range that effortlessly addresses the most daunting descant passages with amazing stability and accuracy. From Purcell to Penny Lane—the XO-1700 piccolo helps your trumpet part shine! It comes with a gorgeous case that not only provides adequate protection, but also a storage compartment for a Bb or C trumpet. This silver-plated XO1700RS with gold-plated appliques is an instrument you will cherish.
  • Tuning: Bb/A

  • Bore: 11.43 mm

  • Leadpipe: Brass, silver-plated

  • Bb and A pipe, interchangeable, brass (2x)

  • Bell: Ø 102 mm, rose brass, silver-plated

  • Hand-hammered bell

  • Valves: 4, Monel

  • Two-piece valve section

  • 4th valve Offset

  • Gold-plated trims

  • Finger hook at 4th valve

  • Ring at 3rd valve slide

  • Mouthpiece

  • XO Case Tourlite Dual XOKC26XC (for Piccolo Trumpet and Trumpet)

  • Accessory kit: Heavycaps, lightweight valve springs, metal finger buttons, brass valve guides

Tuning Bb/A

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XO 1700RS piccolo trombita

XO 1700RS piccolo trombita

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