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Buffet Crampon Legende Bb clarinet

Optional pitch 440/442 Hz

2 588 000 Ft‎

  • 440Hz
  • 442Hz
  • Key : Bb

  • Pitch : 440/442 Hz

  • Body : Natural grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) or Green LinE (Dalbergia Melanoxylon composite), Buffet Crampon cylindrical bore, Green LinE tones holes slots on the upper joint, metal-capped tenons, raised C#-G# tone hole (A only), delivered with 2 barrels; Bb: 66 and 65mm - A: 64 and 65mm

  • Case : Légende finish: high tech, shell, brown leather, single or double (Bb and A clarinets), case cover for Légende case

  • Keywork : 19 keys and 6 rings, adjustable thumbrest, Eb lever, low f correction, low E (option), silver plated and gold plated, highly reliable keywork, metal O-ring pins, blue steel springs Pads : Combination of GT pads (100% waterproof and breathable) and natural cork pads Accessories : Légende ligature, rose gold, Buffet Crampon mouthpiece cap, Buffet Crampon pull-through

Tuning Bb

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Buffet Crampon Legende  Bb clarinet

Buffet Crampon Legende Bb clarinet

Optional pitch 440/442 Hz

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