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Gravity Microphone Stand Tray


Szállítás: 1-2 munkanap

9 290 Ft‎

The MA TRAY 2 is a 360° adjustable steel tray that easily attaches to any microphone
stand. The 400 x 130 mm size is large enough to hold accessories such as capos, picks
or small percussion instruments.
Product Type: tray
Material: steel
Colour: black
Suitable for mounting on: microphone stands
Support Width: 400 mm
Support Depth: 130 mm
Extension Length: 50 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg

Szélesség 130 mm
Hosszúság 400 mm
Tulajdonságok 360 fokban állítható
Színezés Fekete
Fényezés Por festett

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Gravity Microphone Stand Tray

Gravity Microphone Stand Tray

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