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John Packer JP191 Shortreach Bassoon


1 101 515 Ft‎


1 295 900 Ft‎

  • The JP191 short reach C bassoon is ideal for new players with smaller hand spans who cannot manage the weight, or stretch, of a full size model. This bassoon is designed to get the player through the lower grades before a full size model is required.

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  • Unique benefits

  • The silver plated short reach mechanism allows players of a younger age to start learning the bassoon and offers durability. The maple body adds a warmer tone and a redesigned bell enhances projection and allows the bassoon to be stored in a smaller case. A playing spike and sling ring provides the opportunity to make the instrument lighter and increase playing comfort.



    • Model: JP191
    • Key: C
    • Material: Maple
    • Keywork: Silver Plated
    • Mechanism: Short Reach
    • Finish: Lacquer
    • Lyre Box: No
    • Instrument Weight: 3.5Kg (7lb 12oz)
    • Weight with case: 7.5Kg (16lb 8oz)

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John Packer JP191 Shortreach Bassoon

John Packer JP191 Shortreach Bassoon

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