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John Packer JP044 Eb (to low A) baritone saxophone


1 033 515 Ft‎


1 215 900 Ft‎

  • The JP044 Eb Baritone Saxophone is ideal for both new learners and existing players looking for a good quality instrument at an affordable price. It is designed to perform well in various groups or ensembles and provide introduction to the bari sax repertoire.

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  • Unique benefits

  • With the player in mind, the JP044 offers a rich and warm tone, created by the large flare rose brass bell. Durability is generated by strong keywork.

    The JP044 has a full range including the low A which will allow the player to continue on the instrument for longer. A sling ring also provides the opportunity to make the instrument lighter with the use of the provided sling or the purchase of a harness.



    • Model: JP044
    • Key: Eb
    • Material: Brass
    • Keywork: Gold Lacquer
    • Mechanism: Full Keywork
    • Finish: Rose Brass Bell
    • Mouthpiece: JP
    • Lyre Box: Yes
    • Instrument Weight: 5.86Kg (12lb 15oz)
    • Weight with case: 13.3Kg (29lb 5oz)
Types Baritone

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John Packer JP044 Eb (to low A) baritone saxophone

John Packer JP044 Eb (to low A) baritone saxophone

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