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John Packer JP146 Atom Sopranino Saxophone


328 865 Ft‎


386 900 Ft‎

  • The JP146 Eb sopranino saxophone is ideal for the existing saxophone player looking for a good quality instrument for a fraction of the price of other comparable models. This saxophone is designed to be used primarily within saxophone choirs and ensembles.

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  • Unique benefits

  • The keywork of the JP146 is nicely finished and the rose brass body adds depth to the tone thus avoiding the shrillness that is often present with these instruments.

    Better quality parts such as blue steel springs improve response as they are rust resistant with better tension memory and the Italian leather pads create a great seal that translates into a fuller, more projected, sound.  

    These also last longer than conventional pads and are equipped with resonator pads to improve projection. The instrument also features impeccable tuning especially on the notorious Ab and Eb notes. Abalone pearl keys and decorative engraving enhance the JP146's appearance. 



    • Model: JP146
    • Key: Eb
    • Material: Brass
    • Keywork: Gold Lacquer
    • Mechanism: Full keywork
    • Finish: Rose Brass
    • Mouthpiece: JP
    • Lyre Box: No
    • Instrument Weight: 0.84Kg (1lb 8oz)
    • Weight with case: 2.2Kg (4lb 8oz)
Types Sopranino

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John Packer JP146 Atom Sopranino Saxophone

John Packer JP146 Atom Sopranino Saxophone

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